ESD Series

ESD Series

Programmable DC Power Supply

§ 500kW- 2MW

§ Output voltage up to 1500V(std), higher voltage can be customized

§ Applications: battery simulation, battery test(-BSS option), PV simulation(-PV option)

§ Program accuracy up to 0.1%

§ LAN/RS485 interfaces (standard), CAN/RS232/ATI interfaces (optional)

§ TFT-Touch panel operation

§ Mod-bus/SCPI protocols

§ CE conformity

§ Emergency stop button

§ Switchable insulation monitoring

§ Output contactor

§ Remote sense

§ Customized voltage, current and power ranges

Build time: Form 9 weeks

ESD Series User Manual (EN) V2.0.pdf
ESD Datasheet 4.1 (EN).pdf
ESD PV Option.pdf
ESD BSS Option.pdf
ESD Demo
Part of ESD 400kW
BriPower ESD series  Programmable DC Power Supply
ESD Series

ESD Series


The BriPower ESD series is IGBT PWM switching DC power supply, which contains multi output power levels from 30kW to 500kW for single system, up to 4 individual systems can be paralleled to up to 2MW system. Output power level of customized system goes up to 4MW and above.

ESD series uses bi-directional design, which makes it possible to be used as DC power source or regenerative DC load. CV/CC/CP/CR operation modes are available for both sourcing and sinking.

With touch panel on the front panel, user can control the power source with GUI software. System status indicators and emergency stop button are also installed on the front panel. Programming interfaces including RS485 and LAN interfaces are standard, and optional RS232, CAN, analog control interfaces are available for automated test applications.

AC Input Configuration

Please specify the input voltage (L-L)

-208, Input Voltage 208V±10%, 3-phase

-230, Input Voltage 230V±10%, 3-phase

-380, Input Voltage 380V±10%, 3-phase

-400, Input Voltage 400V±10%, 3-phase

-480, Input Voltage 480V±10%, 3-phase

ESD Options

ESD Options