Successful delivery of ESA 30-300-46-R-TR

In Sep 2021, Bridge Technology successfully delivered 30kVA ESA series programmable bidirectional AC source to a well-known company for V2G charging pile test.

ESA 30-300-46-R-TR is used as a grid simulator which meet the requirements of grid tied DG regulations testing, such as:

grid voltage abnormality test, grid frequency abnormality test, low/zero voltage ride through test, anti-islanding test, etc. ESA

180 has various simulation functions, including: voltage and frequency fluctuations, voltage sags, low/zero voltage ride through, three-phase unbalance, harmonics and inter-harmonics.

BripowerTM power supplies provide standard software to support multiple parameter settings. Combined with the storage and reload function of sequence mode, which can complete the product test and provide a cost-effective solution for user charging

pile test.