BriPower™ AC/DC Power Supply: Faster dynamic response and lower ripple

BriPower™ power supply uses full-level networked control technology that combines the benefits of DTC and vector control to achieve both high dynamics and low ripple. The full-level networked control technology uses intelligent neural filtering, which can effectively suppress the influence of external interference on the internal measurement of power supply, and at the same time identify the system parameters at subtle level to make the optimal response. BriPower™ full-level networked control technology can increase dynamic response times by more than 10 times compared to traditional PI controls.

The voltage dynamic response of ESA series power grid simulator is taken as an example. Figure 1 and Figure 2 respectively show the waveforms of BriPower™ ESA 60-300-92-R power grid simulator (power 60kVA, voltage 0~300V L-N, current 0~92A/ PH), voltage drop and voltage rise. As shown in the figure, the voltage drops from 300V to 0V and climbs up from 0V to 300V, both of which take about 1ms.


Figure 1 voltage drop waveform of ESA 60-300-92-R


Figure 2 voltage rise waveform of ESA 60-300-92-R

In addition, while using full-level network control technology, BriPower™ ESA series of power grid simulator uses the front transformer and multi-module series-parallel circuit technology as standard, which avoids the impact of the use of a rear output transformer on the output waveform and can also improve the dynamic response speed. The topological difference between transformer front and rear transformer is shown in Figure 3. The hardware cost of transformer front costs more, but the output performance is better.


Figure 3 topological comparison of transformer front and rear

BriPower™ ESD Series battery simulators also feature fast dynamic response. Figure 4 shows the current rise waveform of ESD series, and the current rise time is less than 1ms.


Figure 4 current ri 3 se waveform of ESD series battery simulator

While achieving fast dynamic response, the output ripple of the ESD series battery simulator is also lower.   BriPower™   ESD series battery simulator uses multi-module staggered series and parallel circuit technology. As the bus voltage of a single module drops exponentially, the step amplitude of the IGBT output voltage is reduced (1/3 of the same industry), effectively reducing du/dt noise.   At the same time, due to the module pulse phase shift, the integrated switching frequency (up to 40KHz) is increased to further reduce the output noise. The ripple noise of the equipment is reduced to the limit with the fine-designed output filter.

As shown in Fig. 5-1, -2 and 6-1 , -2 is the measurement of the output ripple of the power supply when ESD 400-1000-400-R operates at half/full voltage, and the ripple coefficients are all less than 0.05%.

Voltage set



Ripple record

Ripple voltage rms

Ripple factor

Ripple voltage rms

Ripple factor

50% U Rated Voltage







100% U Rated Voltage








         Figure 5-1                                                   Figure 5-2


         Figure 6-1                                                    Figure 6-2