ESA 180-400-273-R/33101 was successfully delivered to Taiwan

In April 2021, Bridge Technology successfully delivered two 180kVA ESA series programmable bidirectional AC source with Regenerative function to a well-known company in Taiwan.

ESA 180-400-273-R/33101 is used as a grid simulator which meet the requirements of grid tied DG regulations testing, such as: grid voltage abnormality test, grid frequency abnormality test, low/zero voltage ride through test, anti-islanding test, etc. ESA 180 has various simulation functions, including: voltage and frequency fluctuations, voltage sags, low/zero voltage ride through, three-phase unbalance, harmonics and inter-harmonics. ESA 180 provides standard software that can simulate various real-world power grid operating conditions and supports multiple parameter settings.

In addition, the two ESA 180 have also customized the matching output transformer according to actual test requirements, which expanded the output voltage range and provided a cost-effective solution for the user's inverter test.