ESA 45-300-68-R-LD-ATI and KGS 45-300-50-R-LD were delivered

In October 2020, Bridge Technology successfully developed two programmable bidirectional AC power supplies for a university in Sichuan, the models are: ESA 45-300-68-R-LD-ATI and KGS 45-300-50-R-LD, Used as a non-linear load simulator and a power grid simulator respectively. They provide cost-effective solutions for the construction of laboratory power disturbance analysis and control platform. BriPower ESA and KGS series are high-performance AC/DC power supplies with advanced PWM technology developed by Nanjing Bridge Technology. They can be used as AC/DC power supplies or energy recovery AC loads to test photovoltaic inverters and smart grids.

ESA 45-300-68-R-LD-ATI.png