KGS 45-300-50 delivered to Sichuan

In June 2020, Bridge Technology shipped a programmablebidirectionalAC/DC source KGS 45-300 50 to a college of electrical engineering in Sichuan, which was used as a power grid simulator to simulate various real working conditions of the power grid. It provides cost-effective solutions for voltage anomaly test, frequency anomaly test, low/zero voltage traverse test and other laboratory equipment in the School of Electrical Engineering of the university.

The BriPower KGS series is a high-performance AC/DC power supply. The main circuit device adopts high-performance SiC MOSFET and advanced PWM technology. In the frequency range of DC~2000Hz, it can output up to 750V phase voltage and can be used as AC/DC power supply to test photovoltaic inverters, smart grids.

KGS 45-300-5.png