The LD option-Re-generative AC Load was added in KGS series

The KGS series of high-voltage, high-frequency, high-power programmable AC/DC power supplies introduced by BriPower have been widely used as grid simulators to test the electrical characteristics of distributed power generation equipment such asenergy storage PCS, PV inverter, etc. It can simulate voltage and frequency fluctuations, voltage drop,, low/zero voltage ride-through, three-phase unbalance, harmonics and inter-harmonics, and can meet the requirements of grid voltage abnormality test, grid frequency abnormality test, low/zero voltage ride-through test, anti-islanding test, etc.

-LD 1.png

In the above test, sometimes it is necessary for a power grid simulator to be able to simulate AC loads under multipleworking conditions at the same time. However, traditional AC electronic loads are composed of resistors, inductors, capacitors, transistors and integrated circuits, which are difficult to apply to tests that require continuous changes in the set value, and it is very easy to cause waste of energy.

KGS series high-voltage high-frequency AC/DC power supplies have the newly added -LD option, which can simulate energy recovery AC loads under various working conditions and realize full-energy feeder networks, which effectively reduces energy loss. KGS-LD adopts high-performance SiC MOSFET design, and can still simulate and output stable and reliable current waveforms when the input voltage is impure sine wave or the sine wave has large distortion.
This function consists of constant resistance mode, rectification mode, and CC/CP phase lead/lag mode.

(1) CR mode is used to simulate three-phase resistive load. Users can set CR mode and three-phase resistance parameters through the panel, and the simulation of resistance sequence can be realized.
(2) Rectification mode is mainly used to simulate nonlinear rectification load testing. Users can set CC/CP mode, CF (setting range 1.414~3) and harmonic parameters through the panel.

- LD 2.png-LD 3.png-LD 4.png

                 CF=1.414                                                   CF=2                                                      CF=3

       -LD 5.png-LD 6.png

                                   Low harmonics                                                       High harmonics

(3) CC/CP phase lead/lag mode can simulate sinusoidal current, Constant current CC and constant power CP modes are available to adjust load current or power, phase angle can be set from 90°to -90° simulating the voltage and current conditions under inductive and capacitive loads.

-LD 7.png-LD 8.png

               Angle=+90°                                                       Angle=-90°

The BriPower KGS series of high-frequency and high-voltage AC/DC power supplies equipped with the newly-added -LD energy recovery AC load function provides a more complete solution for user testing.