BIP  30-30-S Power Supply Delivered

In February 2020, Bridge Technology successfully delivered BIP 30-30-S to Korean leading automobile manufacturers for Car charging pile test. BriPower BIP series integrates two independent outputs into one power system and shares the input power. Each output can be AC or DC. The output power level of the two channels can be different. And the input power covers the higher power requirements of the two output channels. The two output channels can also be customized to work at the same time by increasing input power. The design of BIP series is a cost -effective solution for the applications, which requires different output.

Figure 1 BIP Product Picture.jpg

                                              Figure 1 BIP Product Picture

The BIP 30-30-S consists of two independent output channels, one is 30KVA bi-directional AC source, the other is 30KW bi-directional DC source.

Figure 2 AC Source Setting Panel.jpg

                                                      Figure 2 AC Source Setting Panel

Operation modes of CV, CC, CP and CR are available for AC channel; User can program sequence output, including settings of amplitude, phase angle, dwell time, switching time, etc. And also, up to 40th harmonic waveform can be programed.

Furthermore, the AC source can be used as regenerative AC load, in CC or CP modes, and crest factor of each phase can be programed.

Figure 3 DC Source Setting Panel.jpg

                                                Figure 3 DC Source Setting Panel

The DC channel supports CV, CC and CP modes, and can be used as regenerative DC load in CC or CP modes.

Figure 4 Measurements.jpg

                                                          Figure 4 Measurements

Figure 5 Waveforms.jpg

                                                                   Figure 5 Waveforms

The BIP power source can take measurements of both output channels, including output voltage, current and power, etc. And the output waveforms can be captured and saved in real time, which works exactly like an oscilloscope.