Kevin Qian
Kevin Qian is the founder of Bridgetech. Kevin has experience in R&D, manufacture, and sales. He was the project manager of the first made-in-China car audio in the Japanese company PIONEER and was the project manager of circuit protection device for automotive in the US company TYCO ELECTRONICS. Prior Bridgetech Kevin has been working in T&M market for more than 16 years, focusing on power supply business.
Adnan is co-founder of Bridgetech and is responsible for all Sales activities outside China. Prior Bridgetech Adnan worked at Global MNC companies such as Rockwell Automation, AMETEK, Keysight Technology (Former Agilent Technology) and National Instruments and held most of the time Sales and leadership roles in. Adnan travelled over 80 countries and gain excellent cultural and market knowhow since he enter the corporate world back in 2000. He graduated in Switzerland as Electrical Engineer and since 2007 lives in Singapore.
Hui Zhang
Hui Zhang is the co-founder of BriPower. Hui is technical director of BriPower and is responsible for power supply R&D. With more than 15 years' power electronics and power supply research and development experience  in National Engineering Research Center of converter technology, which is part of CRRC. Hui led team to complete R&D projects such as MW power level high-voltage inverter, 2MW direct-drive wind power converter, 80kV high-voltage PSM power supply, etc., and participated in the research and development of many national engineering projects, including the development of magnetic levitation power supply converter, China circumfluence No.2 controllable nuclear fusion power supply, etc. Hui is one of the most professional power electronics engineers in China and has the unique and advanced theoretical research and algorithm in circuit topology and related control technology.