KGS Series

KGS Series

Programmable AC/DC Powe Supply

§ Modular design, output power from 15kVA to 500kVA

§ Bi-directional power source, seamless transition between source and sink modes

§ Output: AC, DC, AC+DC

§ Use true current feedback control when working in CC mode

§ Frequency Range: DC~ 1kHz (-HF option: DC~2kHz)

§ Regenerative load function (-LD option)

§ Soft start: effectively restrain the impulse current when power on

§ Standard output 300V L-N (higher voltage can be customized)

§ Up to 50th harmonic waveform generation, inter-harmonic generation

§ Triger out, TTL signal output for voltage or frequency change

§ AC output, ON and OFF output phase angle can be programmed

§ LAN/RS485 interfaces (standard), RS232/Analog control interface (optional)

§ Emergency stop button and indicators on front panel

§ TFT-Touch panel operation

§ Mod-bus/SCPI protocols

§ CE conformity

KGS Datasheet 4.4 (EN).pdf
KGS demo
KGS Series

KGS Series


BriPower KGS series is a high-performance AC/DC power source, which contains multi output power levels from 15kVA to 500kVA.
KGS series uses bi-directional design, which makes it possible to be used as AC/DC power source for testing of PV inverter, smart grid, etc.
Using SiC MOSFET PWM technology, the output frequency range is from DC to 2kHz (Standard 1KHz, 2000Hz with HF option), and output voltage up to 750V L-N (Standard 300V L-N, customized voltage up to 750V L-N). KGS Series is well suited for aerospace applications. Remote control interfaces and SCPI command language are provided for easy integration into ATE systems.
Models (standard)

Models (standard)


AC Input Configuration

Please specify the input voltage (L-L)

-208, Input Voltage 208V±10%, 3-phase

-230, Input Voltage 230V±10%, 3-phase

-380, Input Voltage 380V±10%, 3-phase

-400, Input Voltage 400V±10%, 3-phase

-480, Input Voltage 480V±10%, 3-phase

KGS Options

KGS Options