BriPower Battery Simulator
BriPower PV Simulator
BriPower Regenerative AC Load
BriPower DC Source / Load
BriPower High Power / Frequency AC Sources
Grid Simulation

The electric power systems changed a lot with interconnections of renewable energy. Grid simulation is very important for verification tests. Mojor requirements are:

  • Over/Under Voltage and Frequency

  • Voltage Ride Through

  • Frequency Ride Through

  • Harmonics

  • Islanding

  • DC Injection

  • Short Circuit

BriPower ESA Series meets all the test requirements, and most tests can be done with GUI software, and with no additional hardware.

Battery Simulation

Battery simulation requires fast dynamic performance of power sources. BriPower ESD Series with BSS option has very fast current slew rate (10%~90% <1ms).

ESD-BSS also provides GUI software for battery test and battery simulation, below parameters can be programmed:

  • Battery type

  • Number of batteries in series and parallel

  • Cutoff limits

  • Nominal voltage

  • Nominal capacity

  • Initial SOC

PV Simulation

BriPower ESD with PV option can simulate IV curves of various solar panels under various temperature and irradiance conditions; and support MPPTcharacteristics tests according to EN 50530:2010.

Regenerative AC Load

ESA series with -LD option can be used as regenerative AC electronic load to simulate linear or non-linear regenerative loads, for UPS, inverters, power sources and power components test.

Constant current CC and constant power CP modes are available to adjust load current or power, phase angle can be set from 90°to -90° simulating the voltage and current conditions under inductive and capacitive loads. The rectifier mode can be used to simulate non-linear loads, CF parameters can be set through the interface. The regenerative load can also be used to simulate load characteristics of resistance, inductance, capacitance by setting the values of resistance R, inductance L, and capacitance C, and the power can be adjusted in full range.

Fuel Cell Charge / Discharge

BriPower ESD series with LD option, can be used as source or regenerative load. ESD series also supports M/S operation; and each power source can be parallel or serial connected, which provides neccessary flexibility for various types of Fuel Cell test.

EV Charger

EV Charger test requires AC source and DC load. Considering the power consumption, regenerative DC load is preferred. BriPower BIP series provides dual channel outputs. One channel can be source, the other can be load. And for specific test requirement, BIP series can be modified in to one source channel and multi load channels.

High Power Converter

Special high power converters, such as high speed train converters, require up to MVA, more than 1500V LN, single phase, bi-directional AC source; And high power converters for avionics, requier high voltage and high frequency bi-directional AC Source.

BriPower is professional in such kind of customized solutions. BriPower ESA series can be customized for high power high voltage application, and KGS series supplies up to 750V L-N over DC~2KHz.